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Leyte Colleges

Leyte Colleges Tacloban City

Leyte Colleges was founded in 1946. The College is located in Tacloban City.

Tacloban is the  economic center of Eastern Visayas region. The City has an Airport which made Leyte Colleges more accessible to students from nearby provinces who wants to study Criminology.

There are more or less 13 Universities and Colleges in Tacloban but Leyte Colleges is the largest Criminology School in the entire Tacloban City.

In the April 2014 Board Exam for Criminologist alone, Leyte Colleges fielded 203 examinees. In the October 2013 Board Exam for Criminologist, Leyte Colleges fielded 606 examinees.

For those who are interested to enrol in their Criminology program, you may visit the school personally at Sta.Cruz Street, 6500 Tacloban City - Leyte.

If You live in the nearby provinces or you prefer to contact them by phone. The School's Telephone number is (053)321-1501.

Leyte Colleges E-mail Address is lc_execasst@yahoo.com if you want to write them through e-mail.

Leyte Colleges Performance In the Last Criminology Board Examination is posted here below.

      April 2014 Licensure Examination For Criminologists Result
            Overall Passing Percentage - 20.69%
            Total Number of Examinees - 203
            No. of those who passed - 42
            No. of those who failed - 161

      October 2013 Licensure Examination For Criminologists Result
            Overall Passing Percentage - 30.86%
            Total Number of Examinees - 606
            No. of those who passed - 187
            No. of those who failed - 419

Regardless of the Board Exam Result posted above. Please be informed that Leyte Colleges School of Criminology was able to produce Board Exam Topnotchers in the person of the following:

  • Gilford Entroliso - 4th Placer
  • Shyrille Tan - 5th Placer
  • Edward Macabenta - 8th Placer
  • Joey Blones - 10th Placer      

Leyte Colleges Courses Offered aside from B.S. in Criminology:

  • BA in Political Science
  • BS in Business Administration
  • BS in Office Administration
  • Bachelor of Elementary Education
  • Bachelor of Secondary Education
  • Bachelor of Laws