1. That any treasury or bank note or certificate or other obligation and security
    payable to bearer, or any instrument payable to order or other document of credit
    not payable to bearer is forged or falsified by another person;
2. That the offender knows that any of those instruments is forged or falsified; and
3. That he performs any of these acts:
     a. using any of such forged or falsified instruments, or
     b. possessing with intent to use any of such forged or falsified instruments.

The act sought to be punished is knowingly possessing with intent to use any of such
forged treasury or bank notes.

The accused has the burden to give a satisfactory explanation of his possession of
forged bills. Mere possession of false money bill, without intent to use it to the
damage of another, is not a crime.

People vs. Sendaydiego, 82 SCRA 120 (1978)
   The rule is that if a person had in his possession a falsified document and
   he made use of it, taking advantage of it and profiting thereby, the
   presumption is that he is the material author of the falsification.