1. Forging or falsification of treasury or bank notes or documents payable to bearer;
2. Importing of such notes; or
3. Uttering of such false or forged obligations and notes in connivance with forgers and


Forging is committed by giving a treasury or bank note or document payable to bearer
or order an appearance of a true and genuine document.

Falsification is committed by erasing, substituting, counterfeiting or altering by
any means the figures and letters, words, signs contained therein. Example:
falsifying lotto or sweepstakes ticket constitutes the complex crime of
attempted estafa through falsification of a government security.

Forging PNB checks is not included under this article. That is falsification
of commercial document under Article 172.

Obligation or security includes bonds, certificate of indebtedness, bills, national
bank notes, coupons, treasury notes, certificates of deposit, checks, drafts for
money, and sweepstakes money.