1. That the offended party must be a virgin;
2. That she must be over 12 and under 18 years of age;
3. That the taking away of the offended party must be with her
    consent, after solicitation or cajolery from the offender; and
4. That the taking away of the offended party must be with lewd

If the virgin is under 12 years of age, the crime committed is
forcible abduction, even if the girl consented to the elopement.

If the virgin is under 12 or is deprived of reason, the crime
is forcible abduction because such is incapable of giving a
valid consent.

When there was no solicitation or cajolery and no deceit and
the girl voluntarily went with the man, there is no crime
committed even if they had sexual intercourse.

The abduction of the victim need not be with some character of

Virginity: not in a material sense as to exclude the idea of
abduction of a virtuous woman of good reputation

It is sufficient that abductor was instrumental in escape of
victim, need not be taken from her house

Requires solicitation or cajolery

What is the purpose of the law?
   - To prescribe punishment for the disgrace to her family and
     the alarm caused by the disappearance of one who is, by
     her age and sex, susceptible to cajolery and deceit.