1. To indemnify the offended woman.
2. To acknowledge the offspring, unless the law
should prevent him from so doing.
3. In every case to support the offspring.
    a. in cases of adultery and concubinage
    b. where either of the offended party or accused is married
    c. when paternity cannot be determined, such as in multiple

The adulterer and the concubine in the case provided for in
Articles 333 and 334 may also be sentenced, in the same
proceeding or in a separate civil proceeding, to indemnify
for damages caused to the offended spouse.

No civil liability for Acts of Lasciviousness

Moral damages may be awarded to offended party, and the parents
for seduction, abduction, rape, other lascivious acts
(Article 2219 Civil Code)

Multiple Rape(by multiple offenders): all of them must support
offspring, not one may be made to acknowledge offspring

Amount and terms of support to be determined in a hearing
(Article 201 Family Code)

Only Indemnity in Rape of Married Woman

Art. 283 (1), CC: Judgment to recognize the offspring may
only be given if there is pregnancy within the period of
conception, which is within 120 days from the commission of
the offense.

The adulterer and the concubine can be sentenced only to
indemnify for damages caused to the offended spouse.