cagayan state university college of criminology
Cagayan State University

Cagayan State University is a State University established by law located
in the Northern Most Province of the Philippines.

Its Campuses spread across different Places.
Bachelor of Science In Criminology is offered in 3 of its campuses.

These Campuses are located in the following
1. Cagayan State University In Aparri, Cagayan Province
2. Cagayan State University In Gonzaga, Cagayan Province
3. Cagayan State University In Piat, Cagayan Province

The Performance of these Campuses in the last two licensure examination
for Criminologist is impressive.

Most Notable among these campuses, is the performance of the College of
Criminology In the Piat campus.

Posted here below is the overall performance of The Cagayan State University
Piat campus in the last two licensure examination for criminologist.

April 2014 Criminology Board Exam. Result
   Overall Passing Percentage - 100%
   Total Number Of Examinee - 1
   Total Number Passed - 1
   Total Number Failed - 0

October 2013 Criminology Board Exam Result
   Overall Passing Percentage - 89.66%
   Total Number Of Examinee - 29
   Total Number Passed - 26
   Total Number Failed - 3

For those interested to enrol in their criminology program, you may
contact them in the following telephone number;
   +63(078)844 0098

Cagayan State University call their criminology program as
Bachelor of Science in Police Administration.