1. Any person who uses any name different from the one w/ w/c he was registered at birth in
    the office of the local civil registry, or w/ w/c he was registered in the bureau of immigration
    upon entry, or such substitute name as may have been authorized by a competent court.
    Exempted from criminal liability are persons who use another name as a pseudonym solely
    for literary, cinema, television, radio, or other entertainment purposes and in athletic
    events; and
2. Any person who having been baptized with a name different from what was registered, or
    who had obtained judicial authority for use of an alias, or who uses a pseudonym, represents
    himself in any public or private document w/o stating or affixing his real or original name
    or aliases or pseudonym he is authorized to use.


A judicial authority must be first secured by a person who desires to use an alias.

However, a common-law wife does not incur criminal liability under the Anti-Alias Law if she
uses the surname of the man she has been living w/ for the past 20 years and has been introducing
herself to the public as his wife.

CC Art. 379
The employment of pen names or stage names is permitted, provided it is done in good faith
and there is no injury to third persons. Pen names and stage names cannot be usurped.

CC Art. 380.
Except as provided in the
preceding article, no person shall use different names and surnames.