basilan state college
Basilan State College

Basilan State College
College of Criminology

Basilan State College is a state college in the island province of Basilan.
Its main campus is located in Isabela City with three college extensions in
Lamitan City, Maluso and Tipo-Tipo, Basilan, plus one agricultural and
secondary campus in Sta. Clara.

Nasser A. Salain Ed D. is the College President.

The State College provides knowledge and skills in technological, professional,
and vocational fields, as well as short-term technical and vocational courses.
It promotes research, advanced studies, and progressive.

Basilan State College was established in 1984. It lies in the Zamboanga
Peninsula or in Region 9.

For the above reason is Basilan State College offering a Bachelor of Science
Degree to its students.

For those who wants to pursue a Bachelor of Science Degree, You may visit
them personally in their school location at Sumagdang, Isabela City,
Basilan (7300). You may as well write them in these address for any

For those residing in provinces outside of Basilan province, you inquire
about the school's Criminology program in the following tel. numbers.

      (062) 200-7523
      (062) 200-3850
      (062) 200-7705

Basilan State College Performance in the last 2 Board Exam. is posted
here below.

      April 2014 Criminology Board Exam. Result
            Overall Passing Percentage - 10.67%
            Total No. Of Examinees - 75
            No. Of those who passed - 8
            No. Of those who failed - 67

      October 2013 Criminology Board Exam Result
            Overall Passing Percentage - 17.86%
            Total No. Of Examinees - 84
            No. Of those who passed - 15
            No. Of those who failed - 69