1. Discharging any firearm, rocket, firecracker, or other explosive within any town or
    public place, calculated to cause alarm or danger.
2. Instigating or taking active part in any charivari or other disorderly meeting
    offensive to another or prejudicial to public tranquility.
3. Disturbing the public peace while wandering about at night or while engaged
    in any other nocturnal amusement.
4. Causing any disturbance or scandal in public places while intoxicated or otherwise,
    provided the act is not covered by Art 153 (tumult).


Charivari is a mock serenade or discordant noises made with kettles, tin horns etc.,
designed to deride, insult or annoy.

Firearm must not be pointed at a person, otherwise, it is illegal discharge of firearm
(Art. 254).

What governs is the result, not the intent of the offender.

The crime alarms and scandal is only one crime.

Scandal here does not refer to moral scandal; that one is grave scandal in Article 200.

The essence of the crime is disturbance of public tranquility and public peace.
Any kind of disturbance of public order where the circumstance at the time renders
the act offensive to the tranquility prevailing, the crime is committed.

Definition of charivari: includes a medley of discordant voices, a mock serenade
of discordant noises made on kettles, tin, horns, etc. designed to annoy or insult