1. By failing to render assistance to any person whom the offender finds
   in an uninhabited place wounded or in danger of dying, when he can
   render such assistance without detriment to himself, unless such
   omission shall constitute a more serious offense;

    a. That place is not inhabited.
    b. The accused found there a person wounded or in danger of dying.
    c. The accused can render assistance without detriment to himself.
    d. The accused fails to render assistance.

2. By failing to help or render assistance to another whom the offender
   has accidentally wounded or injured;

3. By failing to deliver a child under 7 whom the offender has found
   abandoned, to the authorities or to his family, or by failing to take
   him to a safe place. (may be applied to a lost child)

Does not apply: When a person intentionally wounds another and leaves
him in an uninhabited place

Immaterial: That the offender did not know that the child is under seven