ART. 132.

1. That the officer is a public officer or employee;
2. That religious ceremonies or manifestations of any religion are about to
   take place or are going on; and
3. That the offender prevents or disturbs the same.


Qualifying circumstances:
1. violence; or
2. threats.

Reading of Bible and then attacking certain churches in a public plaza is not a
ceremony or manifestation of religion, but only a meeting of a religious sect.
But if done in a private home, it’s a religious service.

Religious Worship includes people in the act of performing religious rites for
a religious ceremony or a manifestation of religion.
   Examples: Mass, baptism, marriage

X, a private person, boxed a priest while the priest was giving homily and
maligning a relative of X. Is X liable? X may be liable under Art 133
(Offending religious feelings) because X is a private person.

Qualified if committed by violence or threat.