Presidential Decree No. 449

Holding of Cockfights – Cockfighting shall be allowed only in
licensed cockpits on
1. Sundays
2. Legal Holidays, except: December 30, June 12, November 30,
   Holy Thursday, Good Friday, Election or Referendum Day and
   during Registration Days for such election or referendum
3. During local fiestas for not more than 3 days
4. Provincial, city or municipal agriculture, commercial or industrial
   fair, carnival or exposition for a similar period of three days
   upon resolution, subject to approval of Chief of Constabulary or
   his authorized representative—not allowed within month of local
   fiesta of for more than two occasions a year in same city or

Cockfighting for Entertainment of Tourists or for Charitable Purposes:
Chief of Constabulary or his authorized representative may also allow
the holding of cockfighting for:
1. Entertainment of foreign dignitaries
2. Tourists
3. Balikbayan
4. For support of national fund-raising campaigns for charitable
   purposes as may be authorized by the Office of the President,
   upon resolution of a provincial board, city or municipal council

- In licensed cockpits or in playgrounds or parks
- Extended for only one time, for a period not exceeding 3 days,
  within a year to a province, city or municipality


Permitting gambling of any kind in cockpit is punished under the
same Decree (Owner, manager or lessee of cockpit that permits
gambling shall be criminally liable)

Spectators in cockfight are not liable unless he participates as bettor

Gambling in all its forms, unless allowed by law, is generally
prohibited. The prohibition does not mean that the Government cannot
regulate it in the exercise of police power.

There are particular days where Cockfighting and Horse Racing are
allowed. Betting in Horse Races is allowed during periods
provided by law but betting in cockfights is prohibited at all times.

Sports Contests: Betting, Game-fixing, Point- Shaving,
Game Machinations prohibited

Only allows one cockpit per municipality, unless the population
exceeds 100,000 in which case two cockpits may be established;

Cockfights can only be held in licensed cockpits on Sundays
and legal holidays and local fiestas for not more than three days;

Also allowed during provincial, municipal, city, industrial, agricultural
fairs, carnivals, or exposition not more than three days;

Cockfighting not allowed on December 30, June 12, November 30, Holy
Thursday, Good Friday, Election or Referendum Day, and registration
days for referendums and elections;

Only municipal and city mayors are allowed to issue licenses for such.

This decree does not punish a person attending as a spectator in a
cockfight. To be liable, he must participate as a bettor.