cmt target criminology review center
Criminology Review Center

 CMT Target Criminology Review Center is an
 independent criminology  review center not
 endorsing any particular school of criminology.

It was founded in Cebu City on May 2005.

CMT Target is co-founded by Atty. Artemio Jay Torredes.
He is a graduate of University of San Carlos where he obtained his Criminology
and Law degree. For those who do not know him, he is a criminology board
examination topnotcher. When he took the board exam in 2002, he landed first place.
He is also the review director of CMT Target Criminology Review Center.
He is also at the same time the Dean of the Criminal Justice Department of the
University of San Carlos.

CMT Target Review Center, in its entire existence, has produced more than
18 examinees that landed from top 1 to top 10.

CMT Target Review Center offers not only Criminology Board Exam Review
but also Napolcom Exam Review designed for those non criminology graduate
who wants to join the Philippine National Police.

Although a Licensed Criminologist is exempted from taking the NAPOLCOM
exam, some criminology graduate prefers to take this exam instead because the
subject coverage is far less extensive than the Criminology Licensure Examination.

Target Review Center offers their review services in various parts of the country.
For those interested to know if one exist in their province or city, you may call
them personally on the no. listed below or visit them personally for those who
live in or near Cebu City.

     LOCATION - 2nd Floor, Melgo Bldg., Sanciangko st., Pahina Central, 
                              Cebu City (6000)
     TEL. NO. - (032) 515-0400/ 09434939672

The Cost of Review as posted in their facebook page is listed below.
1. Criminology Review and Napolcom Review - 9000 pesos
2. Criminology Review Only                             - 8000 pesos
3. Napolcom Review Only                                 - 2000 pesos

Based on their past performances in the Criminology Licensure Examination,
CMT Target Criminology Review Center is a good place to have your review.