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NBI Confidential Agent

A Few months ago, the The National Bureau of Investigation was in
the spotlight.

One NBI Confidential Agent was involved in the kidnap-slay of a 
Korean businessman.

Some reports initially mentioned that an NBI Agent was the mastermind
in the kidnap and slay of the Korean businessman.

The Bureau denied that non of its agent nor special investigators
were involved in that incident.

The bureau said that the one involved in that particular crime is a
mere confidential or contractual agent and not an special agent nor
an special investigator.

If a contractual agent or confidential agent is not actually
a member of the NBI or not an organic personnel as the NBI
termed it, then what is an NBI Confidential agent?

The NBI was correct when it said that a confidential agent is not an
organic personnel of the NBI.

An organic member of the bureau are the ones who receive a regular
monthly salary as mandated by the salary standardization law and that
they are covered by the principle of security o…