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Professional Criminologist Association of the Philippines

PCAP (Professional Criminologist Association of the Philippines is an
accredited professional association of licensed criminologist of the
Philippines by the PRC (Professional Regulation Commission).

This association was accredited by the PRC on March 25, 1990.

PCAP, being the accredited and professional organization for licensed
criminologist in the Philippines, it coordinates with the professional
regulation commission and the Philippine Board of Criminology in
helping promote the Criminology profession.

Criminology Association or Organization in the Philippines
1. PCAP (Professional Criminologist Association of the Philippines)
2. PEACE (Philippine Educators Association for Criminology Education)
3. FACCI (Federation of Authors in Criminology and Criminal Justice Inc.)
4. National Council of Criminology Deans

Note: Do you know of any National Criminology Organizations in the
Philippines? aside from those mentioned above. If you do you please
write it in the comment section of this blog for the information of
all criminology students.

PCAP National Officers for year 2012 to year 2015
      President - Gerry J. Cano Ph.D.
      Executive Vice-President - Rommel Manwong DPA
      Senior Vice-President - Dennis Ibutnande Ph.D.
      Vice President for NCR - Reynaldo Castillo Ph.D.
      Vice President for Luzon - Miller Peckley Ph.D.
      Vice President for Visayas - Paul Pioquinto M.A.
      Vice President for Mindanao - William Revisa Ph.D
      Executive Secretary - Atty. Erwin Bucio MS.Crim.
      Treasurer - Marilyn Balares Ph.D.
      Auditor - Ruby Tamayo Ph.D.
      Business Manager - Marianita Acuna Ph.D.
      Press Relation Officer - Apolinario Hipolito M.A.
      Sergeant-At-Arms - PSSupt. Walberto Mandin M.A.
                         Roberto Magbujos Ph.D.

How to contact PCAP?
1. By Personal Visit
   Cagayan de Oro College, Max Y. Suniel Street, Cagayan de Oro, 9000
   Misamis Oriental, Philippines
2. By Phone
   +63 88 858 3880
   +63 88 858 3881

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