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Ammunition may simply be defined as projectiles to be fired from a gun.This projectile generally refers to the assembled components of complete cartridges or rounds.
A cartridge or  a round is a case or shell holding a primer, a charge of propellant (gun powder) and a projectile (bullets in the case of  handguns and rifles,multiple pellets or single  slugs in shotguns). Blank cartridges are sealed with paper disks instead of a bullet or have a crimped neck.Dummy cartridges have neither a primer nor powder.Some dummy cartridges contain inert granular material that simulates powder.

     Cartridge cases are usually made of brass,a composition of 70% copper and 30% zinc.Less commonly,they are made of steel or aluminum.Zinc and plastic materials have been used experimentally.Brass,plastic, and paper are used for shot -shell tubes.

     The main function of the cartridge case is to expand and seal the chamber against rearward escape of gases when the cartridge is fired.When a …