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Physical Therapist Board Exam Result October 2014

Physical Therapist (Middle East)
Board Exam Result October 2014

The Result of the October 2014 Physical Therapist (Middle East)
Board Examination held in Doha, Qatar has been released.

Out of 5 examinees, only 2 passed. They are
1. Joyce Mae Tolentino Amparo
2. Rhoel Santos Diocson

Four (4) Physical Therapist School participated in the exam.
1. Ago Medical and Educational Center - Bicol Christian College of Med.
2. Liceo De Cagayan University
3. Our Lady of Fatima University - Valenzuela
4. Virgen Milagrosa University Foundation - San Carlos City, Pangasinan

Two (2) of the above mentioned schools have a 0% passing percentage.
One school has a 50% passing percentage.

Liceo De Cagayan's lone examinee passed.

Police Personnel and Records Management Reviewer

Police Personnel and Records Management
Definition of Terms

Attrition - refers to the retirement or separation from the police
service of PNP uniformed personnel pursuant to any of the means
mentioned in RA 8551.

Means of Attrition
1. Attrition by attainment of maximum tenure in position
         a. Chief PNP - 4 years
         b. PNP Deputy Chief for Operation - 4 years
         c. PNP Deputy chief for Administration - 4 years
         d. PNP Chief of the Directorial Staff - 4 years
         e. Regional Directors - 6 years
         f. Provincial directors - 9 years
         g. City Directors - 9 years
         h. Other positions higher than provincial director shall have
            the maximum tenure of 6 years.
2. Attrition by Relief
         A PNP member who has been relieved for cause and has not been
         given an assignment within 2 years from the effective date of
         such relief shall be retired or separated.
3. Attrition by Demotion in Position
         A PNP member who h…

Licensure Examination For Teachers LET August 2014

Licensure Examination For Teachers Board Exam Result
August 2014

        Read: September 2015 LET Result

The Result of the August 2014 LET Licensure Examination for teachers has
been released.

Click here for the complete names of those who passed the Elementary

Click here for the complete names of those who passed the Secondary

70,786 examinees took the elementary teachers exam but only 25,301

77,803 examinees took the secondary teachers exam but only 26,767

1,313 Schools participated in the board exam for elementary teachers.

1,779 Schools participated in the board exam for secondary teachers.

The Following are the Top Performing Schools in the August 2014 LET 
Licensure Examination for Teachers, Elementary Level.
1.  University of Santo Tomas
       Total Number of Examinees - 140
       Number of those who passed - 138
       Passing percentage - 98.57%


2.  PUP - Main, Sta. Mesa
       Total Number of Examinees - …

Criminology Board Exam Reviewer Question Answer

Criminology Board Exam Reviewer 
Question and Answer

1.  PNP mandatory retirement age is
      A. 56
      B. 66
      C. 55
      D. 60

Read: Criminology Board Exam Reviewer

2.  The Highest award given to PNP members.
      A. Medalya ng Katapatan
      B. Medalya ng Karunungan
      C. Medalya ng Kagitingan
      D. Medalya ng Kabayanihan

3.  Cold Weather Clothing allowance is usually given to PNP members
    assigned in
      A. Baguio City and Tagaytay City
      B. Rizal Province and Cordillera
      C. Cordillera and Davao
      D. Baguio City and Davao

4.  Optional retirement in the PNP is upon the accumulation of how
    many years of satisfatory service?
      A. 15 Years
      B. 20 Years
      C. 25 Years
      D. 30 Years

Read: LEA Sample Board Exam Questions

5.  The Year night watch was formed in Boston.
      A. 1638
      B. 1700
      C. 1833
      D. 1905

6.  The Rattle watch in New York was formed in what year?
      A. 1658
      B. 1700
      C. 1856
      D. 1905

Registered Master Electrician Board Exam Result Middle East

Registered Master Electrician  Board Exam Result Middle East
October 2014

The result of the October 2014 Special Registered Master Electrician
Board Exam Middle East has been released.

Read: Registered Master Electrician Board Exam Resut September 2015

202 took the exam but only 88 passed.

112 Schools participated in the Examination.

The Following has the most number of examinees
1. Vocational School - 22 examinees
2. Technical School - 14 examinees
3. Secondary School - 9 examinees
4. Rizal Technological University - 4 examinees

The Following are the names of those who successfully passed.

Electrical Engineer Board Exam Result Middle East

Special Electrical Engineer 
Board Exam Result Middle East 
October 2014

The Result of the Special Electrical Engineer Board Exam Middle East
has been released.

Result of the September 2015 Examination

87 examinees took the examination but only 31 passed.

47 Electrical Engineering Schools participated in the examination.

The examination was given by the Board of Electrical Engineering in
the following countries;
1. Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates;
2. Al-Khobar and Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
3. Doha, Qatar

Technological Institute of the Philippines - Manila has the most number
of examinees with 7.

Nueva Ecija University of Science & Technology in Cabanatuan performed
the best with a passing percentage of 80%. 3 passed out of 5.

The Following are the complete names of those who passed:

7.  BLANCO, J…


Palengkenito Retail Franchise

Palengkenito is a mobile retail store. The store is actually a
Suzuki Van configured as a store selling various kinds of consumer
products which you usually find in a typical grocery and sari-sari

Read: PC Clinic Computer Franchise

The Suzuki Van is fitted with generator to run the chest freezer
and lighting systems.

For Those interested in this franchise business, you may personally
visit them at Amang Rodriguez St. cor. M.L. Quezon St., Manggahan, 
Pasig City 1611 for any inquiries or

You may call them for any inquiries at Tel: 681-3482 / 682-1515 or

You may send an email at [email protected] or
[email protected]

According to the site, the franchise fee, inclusive of
the Suzuki Van and The Supplies is P550,000. But it is better to
call Palengkenito personally at the above cited telephone number
for confirmation as the post in that website was made 7 years ago.

BDO Optimum Savings Account

BDO Optimum Savings Account

BDO Optimum Savings is a BDO Peso Savings Account Product that gets
higher interest rates as you build up your deposit balance.

BDO Optimum Savings Account Features
1. Minimum Initial Deposit
   a. Personal - P30,000
   b. Commercial - P50,000
2. Minimum Monthly Average Daily Balance Requirement -
   a. Personal - P30,000
   b. Commercial - P50,000
3. Minimum Monthly Average Daily Balance to earn interest
   a. Personal - P30,000
   b. Commercial - P50,000
4. Withdrawal transaction per month - free of charge up to 3 times
   a month.

        On the 4th and subsequent withdrawals - P110 per withdrawal
        will be deducted from your account.

5. Dormancy Fee - P300

         Dormant - When there has been no financial activity for a
         long period of time, other than posting of interest, an
         account can be classified as dormant.

         BDO Dormancy - dormant if there is no client-initiated
         transaction within 12 months for checking ac…

Rank One Review Center

Rank One Review Center

Rank One Review Center is a review program created to specifically
cater to the following professions
1. Nursing
2. LET (Licensure Examination for Teachers)
3. Criminology
4. Medical Technology
5. Midwifery
6. PT/OT
7. Psychometrician/Psychologist

Rank One Review Center Location
Manila Branch Office at 2nd Floor Espana Place Bldg. 1139
Adelina St. Sampaloc, Manila.

Rank One Review Center Telephone Number - 02-736-1732
You may also contact them at the following additional Numbers:
      (02) 736 1732
      0917 391 6729
      0932 858 6970

Review Fee
Subject to change, please inquire personally at their
office or call them at their telephone number. A reservation fee
of P2,000 is required which shall form part of the review fee.

As of October 2014, Regular Review Fee are as follows
1. Nursing Board Exam - P13,000
2. Criminology - P7,000
3. LET - P5,500
4. Medical Technology - P9,000
5. Midwifery - P8,000
6. Psychometrician - P10,000
7. PT/OT - P15,000

What will you …

North Central Mindanao College

North Central Mindanao College

North Central Mindanao College is an institution of higher learning
located in region X or Northern Mindanao region. It started as a
Technical Vocational School.

The School was established in 1989.

Its exact address is in Prk. Lemon Tree, Maranding, Lala, Lanao Del
Norte 9211.

The Schools telephone number is 063 388-7213.

One of the Courses offered by North Central Mindanao College is

North Central Mindanao College Performance in the last 3 Board Exam
for Criminologists are listed here below.

April 2014 Board Exam Result for Criminologist
      Total Number of Examinees - 32
      Number of those who passed - 15
      Passing Percentage - 46.88%

October 2013 Board Exam Result for Criminologist
      Total Number of Examinees - 32
      Number of those who passed - 10
      Passing Percentage - 31.25%

April 2013 Board Exam Result for Criminologist
      Total Number of Examinees - 25
      Number of those who passed - 8
      Passing Percenta…

University of the Cordilleras Logo

University of the Cordilleras Logo

What Will You See In The University of the Cordilleras Logo
1. The Name of The School (University of the Cordilleras)
2. The Year it was established (1948)
3. The Rice Terraces
4. The Leaves of the Pine Tree
5. The Torch
6. The Shield

The rice terraces - often called the eighth wonder of the world, is
a symbol of the genius of our race. They show the industry, patience
and skill of the early Filipinos in this part of the highlands where
University of the Cordilleras is situated.

The leaves of the pine tree - an evergreen, denote youth and its
fresh and courageous outlook.

The torch - the classical symbol of learning, means that while
University of the Cordilleras is dedicated to the cultivation of a
distinct Filipino culture, it has profited from the teachings of
other cultures.

The shield - implies that education, the birthright of everyone, is
a protection against the inadequacy, intolerance, and slavery of
the mind.

BDO Philippines Online Banking

BDO Philippines Online Banking

Signing up for BDO online banking is quick and easy and you can do
this from anywhere in the world.

How To Enroll In BDO Online Banking
1. Go to
2. Click Enroll Now
3. Fill-out the Online Enrollment Form, making sure to put a check
   on the Internet Banking box *, and then click Submit.
4. Take note of your ATM Activation Code in the acknowledgment page
   as you will use this to activate your Internet Banking account
   using your BDO ATM Debit Card
5. Activate your account at any BDO ATM within 45 days. You can also
   enroll in Mobile and/or Phone Banking by putting a check mark in
   their respective boxes.

There is no minimum balance requirements to enroll and use BDO Online.
But the minimum balance requirements for specific bank products still

What are the Accounts you can enroll in BDO online banking?
1. Savings Account
2. Current Account
3. Time Deposit
4. BDO Consumer Loans
5. Trust Account

Transactions You Can Do …

BDO Direct Deposit

BDO Direct Deposit

Direct Deposit is a banking term that describes a deposit of money by
a payer directly into a payee's bank account.

Direct deposits are most commonly made by means of electronic funds
transfers effected using online banking systems, but can also be
effected by the physical deposit of money into the payee's bank account.

BDO has an online banking. Once a member, you can Transfer money or
Fund Transfer to any enrolled BDO account.

You can also Send money (Wire Transfer) to local or international banks
through telegraphic transfer.

BDO online banking will enable you to do secure banking transactions
anywhere in the world anytime.

Signing up for BDO online banking is quick and easy, you can do this
anywhere from the world. Just go there website and click enrol now
and fill up the application form after which wait for a call from
there customer service team. Wait for a confirmation email to activate
your online banking account.

Some Pensioners in the Philippines …

SSS Law Reviewer

SSS Law Reviewer

Social Security Act of 1997 (RA 8282)

Salient Features of the SSS Law

Employer - Any person, natural or judicial, domestic or foreign who
carries on in the Philippines any trade, business, industry undertaking
or activity of any kind and uses the services of another person who is
under his orders as regards employer. A self-employed person shall be
both employee and employer at the same time.
      Exempt employer: government and any of its political subdivisions,
      branches and instrumentality, including GOCCs (Government Owned
      and Controlled Corporations.

1. Primary Beneficiaries
         a. Dependent Spouse until remarriage
         b. Dependent Legitimate or Legitimated or Legally Adopted and
            Illegitimate Children
2. Secondary Beneficiaries - Dependent Parents
3. Other Beneficiaries - Absent primary and secondary beneficiaries,
   any other person designated by member as secondary beneficiary.

   As to DEATH BENEFITS, If no be…

Certified Public Accountant Board Exam Result October 2014

Certified Public Accountant
Board Exam Result October 2014

Certified Public Accountant Board Examination result has been

Clickherefor the complete list of those who passed.

The Top Performing School is the University of the Philippines in
Diliman with a passing percentage of 100%.

But the Certified Public Accountant Topnotcher in the person of
Mark Anthony Blanco Tacuboy did not come from UP-Diliman  but came from
the University of Saint Louis in Tuguegarao.

423 Schools participated in the examination.

111 Schools have a passing percentage of Zero (0) percent.

5 Schools have a passing percentage of 100% but aside from UP-Diliman,
Those Schools have 2 or less examinees.

The Following Accountancy School Performed Well In The Examination.

         90 Passed out of 90

               MIGUEL ALFONSO MORTEL SOLIDUM - 5th Placer
               JOSEL RICHA ANN DIONISIO RIVERA - 7th Placer

Primer Cups

Primer Cups

Primer Cup - A small metal cup, into which the primer mixture
is loaded.

Most primer cups are made of 70/30 cartridge brass. The metal of the
cup must be able to resist the pressure developed when the priming
mixture burns or primer leaks pierced primers and other irregularities
will result. At the same time, the thickness of the primer cup must
be kept within certain limits or the primer will be lacking in

It is in the interest of the manufacturers to prevent primer cups from
becoming too hard.

Primer cups are usually made of cartridge bass, although copper,
nickel-plated copper or brass, copper alloy and zinc-coated steel cups
are also encountered.

Most metallic primer cups are made of cartridge brass but steel may
also be used.

Primer cups are produced on a cupping press.

After cupping, the parts are tumbled to remove sharp edges at the
open end of the cups. This smooths the cup, making insertion in
cartridge cases easier. Most commercial primer cups are nic…

Lowest Initial Deposit For Checking Account Philippines

Checking Account Deposit

The Following Banks Offers The Lowest Initial Deposit
For Checking Account In The Philippines
1.   BDO - 5,000
2.   China Bank - 5,000
3.   DBP - 5,000 (non-interest earning)
                10,000 (interest earning)
4.   Philippine Veterans Bank - 5,000 (Individual Account)
                                                10,000 (Corporate Account)
5.   Robinsons Bank - 5,000 (Individual Account)
6.   Security Bank - 5,000
7.   UCPB - 5,000
8.   BPI (Bank of the Philippine island) - 10,000
9.   Metrobank - Checking Account Initial Deposit - 10,000
10. PNB (Philippine National Bank) - 10,000
11. RCBC (Rizal Commercial Banking Corporation) - 10,000
12. Robinsons Bank Corporation - 5,000 (Individual Account)
                                                       10,000 (Corporate Account)
13. Union bank of the Philippines - 25,000

Parts of a Primer

Parts of a Primer

Parts of a Primer
1. Primer Cup - A small metal cup, into which the primer mixture is
   loaded. The capsule that is open to one side, into which the anvil
   and the primer ignition material are inserted.

2. Charge/Primer Compound/Primer Mix/Pellet - serves to ignite
   the main powder charge.

3. Paper Disc - (Foil) acts as a shield for the pellet, protecting
   it from moisture and other disruptive influences that may effect
   performance or reliability.

          Foil Paper (Paper Disc) is placed between the mix and the anvil to
          facilitate assembly.

4. Anvil - the point against which the priming compound is crushed
   to detonate the primer.

                An internal metal component in a boxer primer assembly
                against which the priming mixture is crushed by the firing
                pin blow.

               A metal feature in the primer pocket of a Berdan-primed
               cartridge case, against which the priming compound is

Board of Criminology

Board of Criminology
Board of Criminology, properly called Board of Examiners for Criminologists is a body vested with the authority to administer, to issue, suspend or revoke certificate of registration for the practice of criminology and to administer oaths.

Composition of the Board
1. One (1) Chairman
2. Two (2) Members

Who Appoints the Chairman and members of the board?
 - The President upon the recommendation of the Commissioner of Civil Service with the consent of the Commission on Appointments.

Qualifications of Board Members
1. Natural-born citizens
2. Holders of the degree of Bachelor of Science in Criminology (B.S. Crim.) or Master of Criminology (M. Crim.), conferred by a reputable and legally constituted College or Institute of Criminology recognized by the Government;
3. At least 30 years of age;
4. Registered criminologists with at least 10 years experience in the profession
5. Non-members of the Faculty of any school, college or institute where a regular course in Criminol…

Maternity Leave SSS

Maternity Leave SSS

Maternity leave is the period of absence from work granted to a
mother before and after the birth of her child.

SSS Maternity Leave Benefits
1. Daily cash allowance
2. Leave from work

Who are entitled to maternity leave?
1. Female employee
2. Voluntary member - (separated from work)
3. Self-employed member

How long will the daily cash allowance be paid?
1. 60 days for normal delivery
2. 78 days for caesarean section delivery

Limitations in the Grant of maternity benefits
1. 5th deliveries or miscarriages are no longer paid. Only the first
   4 deliveries or miscarriages are paid.
2. A female member cannot claim for sickness benefit  when she has
   been paid the maternity benefit.

Requirements before the grant of maternity leave benefit
1. Must have paid at least 3 monthly contributions within the 12-month
   period immediately preceding the semester of her childbirth or
2. Must have given notification to:a. Employer - if employed

Industrial Security Management Reviewer

Industrial Security Management Reviewer

Active Security Measures 
1. Physical Barriers
2. Security lighting
3. Vaults
4. Locks

Passive Security Measures
      1.Those that will deter man from committing such act for fear
        of being caught charged in court or get dismissed
      2.Security education programs, investigation, fire prevention
        seminars, personal security checks.

Company Guard Force – (CGF) a security force maintained and operated
by any private company/corporation utilizing any of its employees to
watch, secure or guard its business establishment premises, compound
or properties.

Duty Detail Order - is a written order/schedule issued by a superior
officer usually the private security agency/branch manager or
operations officer assigning the performance of private
security/detective services duties.

Factors that Bring About Unsecured Conditions
1. Threats - an activity that could lead to a loss.
2. Hazards - a condition that could lead to a loss.
3. Vulnerability -…